Seit 1963 die gewohnt persönliche Haushaltsreinigung

Cleaning is handmade  

For your household cleaning, we rely on decades of experience. Our goal is to relieve you in everydays life as best as possible and to give you time for more important things in life. Our employees in the field service set exactly where you want it. Thanks to modern time recording, the work done is recorded and processed efficiently. 

Once started, you do not want to miss the service and learn to appreciate the gained free time. That is quality of life! 

Our strengths, the personal support of our customer, continuity and the necessary adjustments to the current market. All these attributes let the putzen4you GmbH succeed until today.

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 Your putzen4you team

Since 1963

Cleaning company Basel and surroundings, we mainly clean apartments and houses. In special cases also final cleaning. We have a lot of experience when it comes to cleaning objects. The household cleaning in Basel and surrounding should relieve you.

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